You've created some nice pattern or tutorials?

Crochet, Knit, Amigurumi, soutache, cross stitch....

and you'd like to put them on sale on Trichi? You can!

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Sell on Trichi is super easy

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comeVendere1You should have a paypal account.

Prepare your files

comeVendere2Files must include: the pattern in PDF format, one or more significant pictures of the project (one will be the cover) and descriptive text. Each file must be less than 5 Mb.

Upload your pattern

comeVendere3Fill the fields in the upload form, upload the pattern, the pictures. That's all

When you are selling a pattern or a tutorial on Trichi, it remains active forever, or until you decide to turn it off.

The price is up to you and you can change it, or create discounts for particular periods.

Trichi's fee on each sale is 30% and includes all the service offered by the site and his staff and payment commissions.